Portage County, Ohio
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Portage County Sheriff's

Here you will find a list of Portage County Sheriff's.

I don't have a lot of information on them but I will post it as I get it.

Alva Day
June 8, 1808
December 1810
John Campbell
January 1811
November 1812
Stephen Mason
November 1812
November 1816
Asa K Burroughs
November 1816
Resigned in March 1820
William Coolman
April 1820
November 1824
John King
November 1824
November 1826
James Perry
November 1826
November 1830
Frederick Wadsworth
November 1830
November 1834
George Y Wallace
Novemer 1834
November 1838
Laurin Dewey
Noember 1838
November 1842
William Frazer
November 1842
November 1944
David W Jennings
November 1844
November 1846
John Gillis
November 1846
November 1850
James Woodard
November 1850
November 1854
Ferris Couch
November 1854
November 1856
Ira Gardner
November 1856
January 1859
Thomas R Williams
January 1859
January 1863
William F Parsons
January 1865
Henry C Jennings
January 1865
January 1869
Otis B Paine
January 1869
January 1873
OS Risdon
January 1873
January 1877
Benjamin F Keller
January 1877
January 1881
William Wilcox
January 1881
January 1885
HT Shelton
January 1885
January 1887
J Jones

John Hart

LM Long

Dallas Corl

John C Goodenough

WJ McMichael

SH Eldridge

Arthur Carlile

James Jones

JW Stevens

Joseph Jones

JR Perry

Leroy Jones

EL Burr

Robert Fitzgerald

George Shields

Roy Garrette

Robert Stockdale

Ross Dustman
January 7, 1957
January 6, 1969
Joseph Hegedus
January 7, 1969
January 6, 1977
Allen McKitrick
January 7, 1977
January 6, 1979
Ross Jamerson
January 7, 1979
January 6, 1989
P Ken Howe
January 7, 1989
January 6, 1993
Duane Kaley
January 7, 1993
January 6, 2009
Dave Doak
January 7, 2009
Term Expires
January 6, 2017

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