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ABBOTT CEMETERY in Nelson Township on the West side of Ravenna-Parkman Road (SR 88), .9 mile north of SR 305. Very hard to locate as it is on private property and behind some houses.

ANCHOR-MOORE CEMETERY in Hiram Twp. founded in 1984 and located at the intersection of Mumford Road (CR 286) and Norton Rd.
(Th 280).

ATWATER CEMETERY in the center of Atwater on the west side of SR 183 just south of US 224; beside and behind the church.

AURORA CEMETERY in Aurora on the southwest side of SR 43 and .2 miles north of the junction with SR 306.

BAPTIST CEMETERY in Garrettsville, 300 feet east of SR 88 on the north side of Maple Ave., opposite US Post Office. Records for this very old cemetery are on a map hanging on the wall at City Hall.

BREAKNECK (SHURTLIFF/ SHIRTLIFF) CEMETERY at one time was located on old Route 5 (now State Route 59), west of Rhodes Road (TR 149) in Franklin Twp. In 1970 all remains were moved to the northeast corner of Standing Rock Cemetery 1300 N. Mantua St., Kent/Franklin Twp.

CACKLER CEMETERY on north side of Cackler Rd. (Th 144) Streetsboro Twp., .1 mile west of Seasons Road (Th 157). On private property, fenced in, and has a locked gate. Contact the City of Streetsboro to gain entrance.

CARTER CEMETERY is now under the waters of Berlin Reservoir. In 1930 the cemetery was on the Hern/Herron Farm, 1 1/2 miles east and
1 1/2 miles south of Deerfield, Ohio. This was done to make way for the Berlin Reservoir and the stones were moved to Hartzell Cemetery in Deerfield Township.

CENTER CEMETERY / DISCIPLE CEMETERY in Randolph Township on the west side of SR 44 and .2 miles north of SR 224 next to the church.

CHARLESTOWN CEMETERY on Newton Falls Road (Th 177) in Charlestown Twp., 1/4 mile east of Charlestown Center.

DEERFIELD CEMETERY in Deerfield Township on SR 224 about .7 mile east of Deerfield Circle.

DRAKESBURG CEMETERY in Freedom Township on the west side of Nichols Rd. (CR225) .4 mile south of the intersections of SR 303,
SR 88, and Nichols Rd.

DISCIPLE-CENTER CEMETERY - see Center Cemetery Randolph Twp.

DUTCH-OLD GERMAN CHURCH CEMETERY in Atwater Township 1 mile east of SR 183 on German Church Road (Th 49) at the corner of Porter Rd. (CR 54) at the Stark County line.

EASTLAWN CEMETERY in Mantua Center at the southeast corner of the intersection of SR 82 and Mantua Center Road (Th 247) beside the church.

EASTLAWN CEMETERY in Suffield Township on the south side of Waterloo Road (CR 87) .1 mile east of SR 43 and next to the church.

EDINBURG CEMETERY in Edinburg Township on the north side of SR 14 and 1.1 mile northwest of the center of Edinburg or .2 mile north of 1-76.

ELLIOTT FAMILY CEMETERY in Edinburg Township on Cable Line Road (CR 120). This cemetery belongs to West Branch State Park. You must get permission to visit the cemetery.

EVERGREEN CEMETERY in Streetsboro on the southwest side of
SR 14, 2 miles southeast of the intersection SR 43 & SR 14 in Streetsboro. At one time called Olin Cemetery.

EVERGREEN CEMETERY - see Maple Grove Cemetery in Ravenna.

FAIRVIEW CEMETERY in Hiram Village on the south side of SR 82 and west edge of Hiram Village at the corner of Ryder Road (CR 268).

FAIRVIEW CEMETERY in the extreme southwest corner of Shalersville Township on the northwest corner of SR 14 and Lake Rockwell Rd (CR154).

FREEDOM WEST CEMETERY on east side of Asbury Road (CR 223) .1 mile north of SR 303 in Freedom Township.

GERMAN CHURCH CEMETERY - see Dutch (Old) Cemetery Atwater.

GERMAN REFORMED CEMETERY in Randolph Township on west side of Hartville Rd. (CR 69) between US 224 and Waterloo Rd.
(CR 87); 1.2 mile west of Randolph.

GRANDVIEW MEMORIAL PARK in Ravenna Twp. on east side of Lakewood Rd. (CR 151) south of intersection of Lakewood and Summit Roads (CR 148).

GREEN CEMETERY in Franklin Township on east side of Hudson Road (Th 146) 1 .7 miles north of Fairchild Avenue in Kent; at top of a hill.

HARRINGTON CEMETERY in Nelson Township on west side of Hopkins Rd. (Th 250); between Pierce Road (Th 292) and Center Road (CR 293).

HAWLEY CEMETERY in Paris Township on west side of McClintocksburg Road (CR 135); 500 feet south of Gilbert Road
(TR 188).

HARTZELL CEMETERY in Deerfield Township on the west side of Hartzell Road; from Deerfield Center take SR 14 south 3.5 miles, then go east on Helsel Road which becomes Hartzell Road (Th 63); north .8 mile; cemetery is on left.

HAYDEN CEMETERY in Deerfield Twp. on the east side of SR 14, 1.7 miles south of Deerfield Circle; sets back in, enclosed in an iron chain-link fence.

HILLSIDE CEMETERY - see Riverside Cemetery, Hiram Rapids, Hiram Twp.

HILLSIDE CEMETERY in Randolph Township also known as Sand-Hill Cemetery is located on the east side of Hartville Road (CR 69) just north of Waterloo Road (CR 87), 1.2 mile west of Randolph.

HILLSIDE CEMETERY in Mantua Village on West Prospect St.,
1/2 mile west of Main Street.

HILLSIDE CEMETERY in Shalersville Township on south side of SR 303; .2 mile west of Shalersville Center (intersection of SR 303 and SR 44).

HOMELAND CEMETERY located in Rootstown Township on north side of Tallmadge Road (CR 18); .4 mile east of intersection of SR 44 and Tallmadge Road.

JACKSON FARM CEMETERY in Aurora is a private cemetery at 1001 N. Chillicothe Rd. (SR 306) just south of the Geauga County line.

JONES (JANE) CEMETERY in Palmyra Twp. on south side of Williams Rd. (Th 131) .9 mile east of SR 225 and .1 mile west of McClintocksburg Rd. (CR 135);. private cemetery.

KEIPER-TULLER CEMETERY in Nelson Twp. about 400 feet to rear of the residence at 10899 Bloom Road (TR 296); 1.7 mile south of
SR 305.

KENNEDY-LEDGE CEMETERY in Nelson Township at southeast corner of Fenstermaker Road (TR 307) and US 422, up a small hill.

KENT CORNERS CEMETERY (also known as Springfield, Martin Road, and West Suffield) on east side of Martin Road (Th 18) between US 224 and Waterloo Road (CR 87); 2 miles west of Suffield.

KLINE FARM CEMETERY in Randolph Twp. (see North Dyke Cemetery); no stones.

MAPLE GROVE CEMETERY in Ravenna and Ravenna Twp.; 6698 SR 44, .3 mile north of Ravenna City limits on the east side of the road; originally named Evergreen Cemetery.

MARTIN ROAD CEMETERY - see Kent-Corners Cemetery.

MEACHAM-UPSON CEMETERY in Suffield Twp. on south side of Trares Road (TR 25) .4 mile east of May Road (TR 23) on top of a hill.

MENDENHALL W. T. FARM CEMETERY in Randolph Twp. on south side of Laubet Rd. (CR 29) 2.4 miles east of SR 44; no stones found in 1993.

MENNONITE CEMETERY in Aurora (see Plainview Cemetery).

MORAN CEMETERY in Streetsboro was also called Trotter Farm Cemetery at Johnson's Corners at Moran; on Summit County line in northwest part of Streetsboro; 300 yards into backyard of a residence at 3221 Aurora-Hudson Road; no stones in 1994.

MOTTOWN CEMETERY in Deerfield Twp. on southeast side of Mahoning Rd. (CR 73), 1.6 miles north of SR 224, 1 mile east of Deerfield Center.

MYERS CEMETERY in Streetsboro at a residence on northeast corner of Stone Road (County Line Road) and Ravenna Road (CR 145); 3.1 miles north of SR 43 in a woods; one stone in 1994.

NORTH CEMETERY in Palmyra Township on east side of SR 225 and .2 mile north of Tallmadge Road (CR 18); or .2 mile south 1-76 at exit 48.

NORTH-DYKE CEMETERY in northwest corner of Randolph Twp. at junction of Ranfield Rd. (CR 88) and Saxe Rd. (CR 79); no stones.

OLDE CEMETERY in Rootstown on south side of Tallmadge Road (CR 18) 200 feet back a lane; .4 mile east of intersection of SR 44 and Tallmadge Road.

OLIN CEMETERY is now called Evergreen Cemetery in Streetsboro.

PALMYRA-WEST in Palmyra Township on north side of Tallmadge Road (CR 18) .5 mile west of SR 225 and Tallmadge Road.

PARK CEMETERY one mile northeast of Garrettsville Village at corner of Center Street and Brosius Road (TR289).

PIONEER CEMETERY in Mantua Twp. at intersection of Pioneer Trail (TR 254) and Mantua Center Road (Th 247); also called Sanford Cemetery.

PIONEER CEMETERY in Kent; originally Stow Street Cemetery on Stow Street at entrance to Fred Fuller Park.

PLAINVIEW CEMETERY in Aurora at northeast corner of Mennonite Rd. (CR 256) and SR 43; beside church. 3.7 miles north of Streetsboro Center (also called Mennonite Cemetery).

PORTAGE COUNTY INFIRMARY graves moved to Hillside Cemetery Shalersville.

PRENTISS CEMETERY - see Tinker Cemetery Nelson Township.

RED BRUSH ROAD CEMETERY - bodies moved to Maple Grove Cemetery in Ravenna around 1887. Cemetery was in Ravenna Twp. on what is now Brady Lake Rd. (CR 162) about 1/4 mile from SR 59.

RESTLAND CEMETERY in Brimfield on the west side of SR 43, .3 mile south 1-76.

RIVERSIDE CEMETERY at Hiram Rapids, Hiram Twp. on south side of Allyn Rd. (CR281) at intersection of Winchell Rd. (TR264); behind and beside church (also named Hillside Cemetery).

RIVERSIDE CEMETERY in Shalersville Twp., 3 miles west of SR 44 on north side of SR 303.

ROBINSON-SOUTH CEMETERY in Palmyra Twp. on west side of SR 225; 2.4 miles south of 1-76.

ST. JOHN' S ORTHODOX MONASTERY CEMETERY in Hiram Twp. 5862 Allyn Rd. (CR281).

ST. JOSEPH CEMETERY Randolph Township on north side of Waterloo Rd. (CR 87) at St. Joseph; 2.7 miles west of Randolph; beside and behind church.

ST. JOSEPH CATHOLIC CEMETERY in Paris Township on south-east side of Newton Falls Road (CR177) northeast of McClintocksburg.

ST. MARY CATHOLIC CEMETERY in Ravenna City on south side of Mill Road at south end of Madison and Jefferson Streets.

ST MICHAEL'S CATHOLIC CEMETERY on north side of Randolph Road (CR10), 1.7 mile west of SR 43.

SAND-HILL CEMETERY in Randolph Twp. in southernmost section of Hillside Cemetery (see Hillside Cemetery-Randolph).

SANFORD CEMETERY in Mantua Township (see Pioneer Cemetery).

SCOTT CEMETERY is a private cemetery in Palrnyra Twp.; east on Tallmadge Rd. (CR 18) to Jones Road (Th 136); south .5 mile; cemetery on east side.

SPRINGFIELD CEMETERY - see Kent-Corners Cemetery, Suffield Twp.

STANDING ROCK CEMETERY in Kent, 1300 North Mantua St. (also Franklin Twp.)

STOW STREET CEMETERY - see Pioneer Cemetery Kent.

STREETSBORO CEMETERY in City of Streetsboro, on east side of SR 43 .2 mile south of SR 14.

SUFFIELD CEMETERY - see East Lawn Cemetery in Suffield Twp.

TAPPAN' S GRAVEYARD - first cemetery in City of Ravenna; was at the corner of S. Sycamore St. and West Riddle; some graves moved to Maple Grove cemetery in Ravenna; no records.

THORNDYKE CEMETERY in Brimfield Twp. on the north side of Tallmadge Rd. (CR 18); 1.1 mile west of SR 43 at Brimfield Center.

TINKER CEMETERY - also called Prentiss Cemetery in Nelson Township at intersection of SR 305 and Prentiss Rd. (TR 290).

TINKER FARM CEMETERY - private cemetery in Mantua Township; on west side of Sheldon Rd. (CR 273) back in 600 feet; 2 miles north of SR 82.

TROTTER FARM CEMETERY - see Moran Cemetery, Streetsboro.

UDALL CEMETERY - Family cemetery in Hiram Township one mile east of Hiram Village on SR 305 on south side about 100 feet back in; cemetery on top of hill with a few stones.

UNNAMED CEMETERY in Rootstown Twp. at northwest corner of Old Forge Road (CR 82) and Biltz Rd. (TR 102); no stones.

VAUGHN CEMETERY in Hiram Township on north side of Pioneer Trail (TR 254) at start of Limeridge Road (CR 222).

WELSH CEMETERY in Palmyra Township at southeast corner of SR 225 and Cable Line Rd. (CR 120)

WESTLAWN CEMETERY - see Brimfield Cemetery.

WESTLAWN CEMETERY in Mantua Township at Mantua Center on north side of SR 82; .2 mile west of the SR 44.

WEST SUFFIELD CEMETERY in Suffield Township (see Kent Corners Cemetery).

WHIPPOORWILL CEMETERY in Palmyra Twp. on east side of Wayland Rd. (CR 132), 2 miles north of Tallmadge Road (CR 18).

WINDHAM CEMETERY in Windham Township on east side of Parkman Road (CR 299); .2 mile north of Windham Village limits.

WISE FARM CEMETERY in Randolph Township was on Shaffer Road (TR 261), .7 mile west of Hartville Rd. (CR 69); cemetery gone.

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